You know when you’re super excited,your friend makes dope stuff and hes willing to send some free stuff to you?, That’s exactly how I felt when my friend hit me up and said he wants to send me a free tee, because I genuinely love everything they produce! They’re super dope. You should check out their Instagram page btw (@falseactivity). Even though my style is a bit on the girly side and I’ don’t frequently wear tee shirts,I still found a way to pair the shirt just the way it will fit my style and I’m loving the look. Hope you guys love it too šŸ’“ 


T-SHIRT- @falseactivity(Instagram)


SHOES- Adidas (Stan smith)

SHADES- Dapmod(Instagram)



Khaki VibeĀ 

Khaki has been one of my favorite colors for time now! But when I picked out this outfit I wasn’t really sure what look I was going for I just felt like wearing the color and I went to my closet and I picked the first items I saw and when I tired them on I just fell in love,Plus this turban just made the whole outfit bang even more. I hope you guys like this look, leave a comment and let me know what you think about this ensemble. 






TURBAN- @41_luxe.abuja (on Instagram)


Easy Breezy!

I mean!! what better caption to use to describe this outfit. Easy but yet stylish outfit for one of those days you want to tone it down a bit. What do you guys think about this ensemble? 


Top/dress- Zara

Pants- Zara

Shoes- Michael kors

Till next time!. Xx

Fia jacket!!!

No blue is not my favorite color! I just realized I’ve been wearing blue a lot lately. This fia jacket is just everything! It’s just so beautiful. Let me know your thoughts on this outfit. Till next time šŸ˜˜ 





Jacket- The Fia factory 

Haniiiifa xx

The Blue Robe

Y’all probably recognize this blue robe/dress, I have worn it as a dress before (check previous post) but I decided to switch it up a little bit this time and wear it as a robe and I love it!!!! What do you guys think? 


Robe/Dress- @ayracollection(check Instagram)

Jeans-miskay boutique 


Shoes- puma ( shopped by @ur_closet) 

The Imperfect Blogger

This blog post is a special one because I get to give my 2 cents about blogging and also give the best advice I can give to someone that is trying to start a blog .As a blogger I often get questions like “what’s the best advice you can give to someone that’s trying to start a blog” (or something along those lines) and most bloggers would say “quality over quantity”and I totally agree with that but guess what guys! When it comes to posting contents out there Someone just has to start from somewhere and also someone has to make do of what he/she has and in my case I wouldn’t be blogging if I lived by those words because the truth is I don’t even own a camera and I also do not own a laptop anymore plus I’m not a pro at taking pictures with my phone and editing them, I also cannot be spending money everytime I want to do a photoshoot for the blog  and so many other things…which is why the quality of my pictures aren’t the Best But I somehow make use of what I have because that wouldn’t  stop me from posting contents on my blog and still gain audience. I will never allow anything stop me from doing what I love doing and I see no reason why anyone should. I know a lot of people can relate to my situation but in whatever you want to do, if you have a passion for it,just do it and make do what you have, with time everything would get better. I hope this post helps someone out there! šŸ’‹