The Imperfect Blogger

This blog post is a special one because I get to give my 2 cents about blogging and also give the best advice I can give to someone that is trying to start a blog .As a blogger I often get questions like “what’s the best advice you can give to someone that’s trying to start a blog” (or something along those lines) and most bloggers would say “quality over quantity”and I totally agree with that but guess what guys! When it comes to posting contents out there Someone just has to start from somewhere and also someone has to make do of what he/she has and in my case I wouldn’t be blogging if I lived by those words because the truth is I don’t even own a camera and I also do not own a laptop anymore plus I’m not a pro at taking pictures with my phone and editing them, I also cannot be spending money everytime I want to do a photoshoot for the blog  and so many other things…which is why the quality of my pictures aren’t the Best But I somehow make use of what I have because that wouldn’t  stop me from posting contents on my blog and still gain audience. I will never allow anything stop me from doing what I love doing and I see no reason why anyone should. I know a lot of people can relate to my situation but in whatever you want to do, if you have a passion for it,just do it and make do what you have, with time everything would get better. I hope this post helps someone out there! 💋


Hey lovelies!!!  This is what I wore for the kanga event on Saturday. Please leave a comment, tell me what you think about my outfit. ❤

My beautiful dress was made by @ayracollection (Instagram) 


Everyone seems to be loving these mustard colored pants and I can’t lie, I’m also obsessed with it. I have gotten so many questions about where I bought the pants from but the answer is, I didn’t buy them! I made them. Thanks guys for all the amazing comments y’all leave on my Instagram page, really appreciate them❤️ 





Modest chic!

I wore my oversized white shirt again but this time I decided to style it differently. Which of the looks do you prefer? This one or the casual look? Let me know 💋

White shirt! 

If you catch me on a random day this is probably how I’d be dressed! Almost Everyday is a casual day in my life and I love it do you guys love it too? 💋 



Shoes-Michael Kors